Permanent Residency

Cyprus offers Permanent Residence to non-EU nationals who invest in real estate

The fast-track route to Permanent Residence in pursuance of the provisions of  Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations, of Cyprus, where a purchase of a brand new property at Euro 300,000- is one of the main requirements along with steady annual income that is adequate to sustain the applicant and all his dependents.  

Category F, under Regulation 5 of the Aliens and Immigration Regulation is a slower route that ends up with Permanent Residence where the investment can be less than Euro 300,000- and where steady income is demonstrated by the applicant.

For the fast-track procedure, the Real estate purchased should be for the value of Euro 300,000 plus VAT. As for the F Category, the law has not set a minimum for the purchase, but any investment above the Euro 150,000 would enhance the chances of approval on this discretionary influenced type of applications.

Each real estate transaction bears a V.A.T of 19% for new properties.

The difference between the two routes is the speed at which the residency in Cyprus is attained. The Euro 300,000 purchase is fairly expected to cause a residence permit within 60-90 days, whilst the Euro 150,000 purchase, is expected to take up-to14 months.

Why Cyprus is an Immigration Destination

Cyprus offers many merits for foreigners who wish to make the island their home; despite the considerably smaller population, Cyprus has been well known to be very welcoming to foreign nationals who choose the island as their new home.

Public Services

Cyprus residents can enjoy a myriad of public services at little to no cost. Very few of which are:

  1. Public Schools
  2. Public health system
  3. Retirement benefits
  4. Right to purchase assets and incorporate businesses
  5. Access to government aid (conditions apply).


  1. Residents of the republic of Cyprus are allowed to incorporate businesses and manage them (shareholders). They are allowed to carryout business activities and employ people.
  2. Foreign nationals with a residence permit in Cyprus have the right to enjoy tax exemptions and benefits just as any Cypriot citizen does.

Immigration Status Merits

1.         As a general rule, foreign nationals who live in Cyprus for a period of 7 years and meet minor conditions may be eligible to acquire Cypriot citizenship. Once naturalized as a citizen of Cyprus, a foreign national will be a citizen of a European country whereby all European laws are applicable to him/her and where, at the same time, they enjoy the merits of being citizens of a European Union country.

2.         EU Long Term Residence - Eligibility after 5 years of residing in Cyprus

3.         Permanent Residence Permits of Cyprus are normally valid for life, unless certain breaches are committed by the resident. There is no residency requirement, with the exception for a requirement to visit the country once every two years.

4.         Through the fast-track option, eligible family members, such as spouses, children under the age of 18 and children older than 18 but under the age of 25 and who are full time students may be included on the father’s application. Parents and grand parents may also be included if annual income of the applicant is adequate.

{the Euro 300,000 Legislation}

{The Category F Legislation}

Transfer taxes and VAT

  • New Properties bear 19% VAT (right to apply for 5% on the first residential property in Cyprus) and no transfer fees are payable.
  •  Resale Properties bear no VAT but bear transfer fees.

Transfer Fee is calculated as follows: 

  1. Up to €85,000 of the property value - 3%
  2. From €85,001 to €170,000 of the property value - 5%
  3. From €170,001 of the property value - 8%.

An example: 

The purchaser bought a unit for €300.000. The total amount for title deed will be the following:

€85,000 x 3% + €85,000 x 5% + €130,000 x 8% =


Transfer fee: €17,200

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