Status Renewal & Citizenship

Canada’s citizenship law has witnessed major changes and updates over the span of the past 3 years. Before May 2015, to qualify for Canadian Citizenship, a Permanent Resident must have physically lived inside Canada for no less than 1095 days within a four year period. The law then changed to require Permanent residents to be in Canada for 1460 days within a 6 year period. The current government (2016) is now working to repeal the June 2014 law (that took effect in May 2015) and bring citizenship rules back to their former state.

Canada has never tolerated fraud in Citizenship applications. The law as it stands today and in the past created powerful tools for the Minister to use if an applicant was found guilty of forging residence in Canada. This red line will never be tolerated in Canada, be it with the former, current or any successor government.

ACIC Inc. has counseled many Permanent residents on how to seek Citizenship status in Canada. Our fundamental and profound understanding of the provisions of the Citizenship Act of Canada has enabled us to provide reliable advice and representation to individuals seeking this status.

Our scientific approach towards analyzing applicants’ circumstances has resulted in providing accurate advice as to what documentation is required for each individual cases. We believe that each case is unique in its own way and that dedicated counsel and analysis should be provided.

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