Pro Bono

ACIC Inc. has a great commitment to Pro Bono work. Our contribution to hundreds of pro bono hours is entrenched in our demeanor that we have a professional and moral obligation to serve members of the public who cannot afford professional representation. A consultant undertaking a pro bono or other public service matter is expected to devote adequate time and effort in line with the highest professional standards to which ACIC Inc. adheres to.

A consultant’s work on public service matters is taken into account in evaluating their overall professional performance and potential at ACIC Inc. The Firm does not limit the amount or percentage of time a consultant may devote to pro bono or other public service activities, but rather leaves that question to the good judgment of the individual consultant.

The Firm’s pro bono work, to date, has aided numerous individuals who establish that they cannot afford professional representation fees in attaining Immigration status; it has aided clients in obtaining status where he/she were denied access to Canada due to poor representation of their respective cases by former representatives [and/or a misunderstanding of the regulatory requirements].  ACIC Inc.’s ongoing dedication to Pro Bono services has allowed consultants to assist individuals whose previous counsels of record have ceased to practice or have abandoned the case.

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