Our immigration Practice

ACIC Inc. is a multinational firm providing complex Immigration and Citizenship planning solutions.


Our renowned approach of carefully analyzing an applicant's objective before the most suitable and financially feasible solution is proposed, has gained ACIC a reputation that pierces through the immigration and citizenship mediums.

ACIC Inc. is known for its superiority in providing representation in one of the worlds most advanced and complex immigration systems; The Canadian Immigration system; we are exceptionally skilled in the areas of Economic Class, Family Class, Permanent Residence Status renewals and Loss of Permanent Residence status cases and litigation for medical and criminal inadmissibility. Our Global Immigration unit has mustered expertise from across the globe to efficiently and professionally administer various immigration and residency programmes.

We have employed leading Real Estate, Law and Financial advisory firms in implementing our rigorous and unique application structure that ensure the safeguarding of our client’s best interests while producing prompt results and at an “arm’s length” investment advice.

Our ideology is one that foresees the evolution of immigration programmes and one that ensures our clients’ interests are protected even in the event of law or regulation changes. Our track records of proficient performance and flawless representation have resulted in minimal processing times for all applications submitted under the arms of ACIC. ACIC’s methodology enforces that only reliable and reputable residency programmes are added to our areas of practice. We are rather critical of programmes that offer Citizenship status in exchange for an investment without the proper due diligence and spirits of the citizenship laws being observed. We educate our clientele on the global immigration trends and how governments view travel documents that are purchased by wealthy investors and how the very near future will most likely strip those travel documents from their currently enjoyed privileges.

For further information on the any of our areas of practice, please contact our offices or complete an Assessment Request Form “ARF” for a personal one on one consultation to be arranged.

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