SKILLED Provincial Nomination

Skilled Provincial Nominees are those who have the required work skills and the ability to establish themselves efficiently in the province or territory that has nominated them.
Each province and territory has a set of selection criteria which an applicant must fulfill to be eligible under the nomination program.
In some cases, applicants must have a genuine offer of employment from a company in the province or territory where they wish to reside. The Employment and Skills Development Canada (ESDC) is responsible for determining if an applicant’s skills are in demand in the particular province or territory. Once a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA has been issued by the ESDC, a complete nomination application may be submitted. This LMIA and the valid job offer must be included in the nomination application.
  • Select province or territory where you wish to reside.
  • Assessment of applicant’s credentials under the selection criteria of the province or territory.
  • Gathering of supporting documentation required by the province or territory.
  • Completion of application file and submission to provincial or territorial immigration offices.
  • Processing and assessment of application file by province or territory
  • Nomination Interview
  • Issuance of nomination certificate by province or territory
  • Submission of application along with nomination certificate to federal immigration offices for admissibility assessment
  • Issuance of permanent residency
Nominated individuals are expected to be expedited when the federal processing commences at the visa posts. Notwithstanding all the aforementioned, nomination by a province or a territory does not guarantee the issuance of the permanent residence status. Every person wishing to become a permanent resident must undergo the admissibility screening for criminality issues or health problems which is performed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
Selection criteria for provinces and territories offering nomination programs
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