The Firm

ACIC is global leader in Immigration Law and Practice since 2002

With great emphasis on the enacted objectives of all immigration, residency and Citizenship programmes and statutes we work under, ACIC Inc. Operates in a way that is strictly professional with primary focus on our clients’ best interests. Since its establishment in 2002, ACIC Inc. has gone from strength to strength and ensured reliable and comprehensive services are always provided to all our clients. Our regulated, highly trained and experienced immigration consultants give in-depth personal consultations which allow our clients the opportunity to gain a broad insight into the immigration processes they are seeking.

We place great emphasis on group efforts to provide clients with unblemished counseling, representation and coordination services across all areas of our practice. Our services span all countries were legislatively profound, reliable and reputable programmes are offered. ACIC Inc. has relentlessly combated immigration fraud, misrepresentation and unscrupulous practitioners. We have made strides towards protecting the general public through our immense educational efforts and public tutoring of the essence of immigration and the distinction between immigration status and travel documents.

Our methodology asserts the need for reliable, professional and highly ethical practice. We employ rigorous strategies in pre-screening clients and the proper due diligence.

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