Consulting, Audit & Corporate Reform

In a saturated business world that is creating fierce competition for startups and entrenched business concerns, well-rounded and thorough corporate governance, procedural evolution, and counseling, is key to survival, growth and financial stability.

We offer two decades of experience that span the Corporate Governance, Strategic planning, Due Diligence and practice management that we can employ in helping your business innovate, grow, adapt and compete.

We help our clients in:

  • Establishing or refurbishing corporate strategies to allow for growth, innovation, adaptability and handling challenges.
  • Identifying flaws in the matrix of operational protocols, regimes and policies.
  • Recommending innovative, time efficient and cost-effective solutions to a variety of hidden and above the surface challenges.
  • Identifying strength of their key personnel and where those valuable corporate assets are best utilized.
  • Breakdown the daily operational scopes into “smaller tasks”. Identify and formulate efficient protocols and procedures that are robust and adaptive, to withstand any magnitude of work.
  • Establishing short term daily goals, with achievable KPIs in order for strategic goals to be more flawlessly achieved.
  • Understanding and identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and designing policies and strategic goals accordingly.  
  • In a world heavy with compliance in virtually every transaction, we help our clients understand the impact of global compliance practices on their business.
  • Innovation; In a world where a business does not innovate and offer something new, it withers; we understand that Innovation is key to the sustainability of any business concern. We explore the angles of your business and recommend, based on current market analysis and data, the significant areas where your company can innovate.
  • Sustainability; It is challenging, but not impossible to achieve a “good standard” maintenance and sustainability however, require an industrial effort coupled with proper sustainability plans. Managing financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities may seem a standard requirement for any business.
  • Reducing cost; We analyze our clients expenditures and make recommendations on how to achieve the same results with less cost. In many instances, companies are oblivious to indirect costs incurred by major departments; we help your company identify this flaw and propose remedies that are efficient and none crippling to the flow of operations.
  • Maximizing the utilization of talent; We analyze each employee’s capacity and capabilities and the tasks entailed to them. We then report if they are being utilized in the right place and more importantly, by the right people.  
  • Adapting to change.

Our clients come from different corners of the business spectrum. Daily challenges and changes to regulatory affairs, compliance and laws have direct impact on our client’s operations. We advise our clients on how to withstand changes and quickly adapt to new rules of business or operations. 

Compliance and Source of Funds Analysis

In an ever evolving financial terrain, some of the world's most renowned businesses are facing challenges adapting to the aggressive compliance policies that are now an integral part of bank operations worldwide. Because each business and its unique practices give rise to a variety of compliance concerns, it has become an essential practice to have an in-house financial and documentation model that would dynamically update itself. ACIC assists corporations across the telecommunication, manufacturing, energy, financial services, agriculture and a variety of other sectors in analyzing the company's operations and business method for the purpose of building a dynamic compliance model that is readily available for when the need to substantiate conformity arises. ACIC helps its corporate clients in presenting foreign branches economic substance in cases where the corporate's headquarters are remotely located.

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