Citizenship by Investment / Residence by Investment Programme

Malta is a one of Europe’s oldest countries that is a sovereign nation, a member of the EU and a Schengen state. Malta has developed a programme where Citizenship is bestowed on a foreign national if they invest in the country and pay contributions to the government of Malta. Please contact us for details of the none refundable contribution amount for each family, the bonds and real estate investments.

Malta's Residency Programmes:

Malta residency programme is one that grants the foreign national residency status if they invest in real estate properties. Please consult with ACIC for the options of Real Estate investment for Malta's Global Residence and Golden Visa residency programmes.

ACIC’s role in the process of attaining a Malta Citizenship is one that spans the process’s 12 months timeline. We continue to support the applicant until he/she is eligible to apply for and attain the Maltese citizenship. We select only the best lawyers, with track record of good standing and professional standards, we manage the entire scope with the Malta based law firms and any other professionals whose services are required for this process, such as accountants, realtors and other professionals.

We exercise our in-depth Due Diligence methods prior to accepting to represent any client who wishes to embark on this process. Malta government has its own Due Diligence protocol, yet ACIC’s Due Diligence process is one that compliments and adds to that of Malta’s immigration authorities.

With regards to the Real Estate investment option for attaining the Malta residency, ACIC has developed a comprehensive product that serves the foreign national’s requirements for real estate, tax representation and counseling and any other legal requirements, the process my demand.



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