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The Express Entry “intake control” system was devised to reduce the influx of applications to the Centralized Intake Offices of  the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in Sydney, Nova Scotia and to help the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) select candidates on the basis of their likelihood to become economically established in Canada after the Permanent Residence status is granted.

The Express Entry intake control system did not amend the regulatory requirement for the 67 immigration points. A formal application for Permanent Residence Status in Canada must still score 67 “immigration” points on the selection grid for said application to be accepted* Foo Note-1.

Candidates who are interested in moving to Canada permanently, must first place their credentials online at IRCC and must create a form of an extensive CV that will be visible to employers, provinces and the federal department of IRCC. This online “CV”, or as IRCC calls it, the Express Entry profile, will generate a number of ranking points when this “CV” is uploaded online at the IRCC website. The points an applicant’s CV or Express Entry profile generate are “Not” immigration points. The points generated are “Ranking” points of the applicant’s Express Entry Profile. Towards the end of each month, IRCC selects the Profiles with the highest ranking points and sends them a letter inviting them to submit their formal Immigration Application. So as we can see from the above flow, the actual Immigration application only starts when IRCC selects an applicant’s “CV” (Express Entry Profile) and sends him/her an invitation to apply “ITA”.

Candidates are required to submit their IELTS (General) examination and aim to obtain 6-9 or higher in each of the 4 modules of the exam in order to be eligible for this programme. Candidates are also required to attain the Educational Credentials Accreditation if their degrees were obtained from an educational institution outside Canada.

Foot Note-1: Applicants who have satisfactorily accumulated the regulatory 67 points must still pass the constitutional admissibility checks (Security and medical) before an application is to be considered ‘Accepted”.

Step 2:

Once an applicant has been accepted in the online pool of the Express Entry system, Comprehensive Ranking System points are automatically calculated and assigned. The comprehensive ranking system points are what determines if an application will proceed to the full assessment or not. Competition is fierce in the Express Entry pool. Interested candidates with very high credentials are favored by the system. It is important that an applicant understands the current competition climate before they proceed with submitting their Express Entry application. An Express Entry profile with CRS points that are remote from the CRS points being invited to apply, may remain in the pool for prolonged periods without any progress.

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