Expedited visitor visa processing by Canada for citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica

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Monday, June 12, 2023

June 09, 2023, the High commissioner of Canada to 13 Caribbean nations, her excellency, Lillian Chatterjee announced that citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica will now enjoy expedited processing of their temporary residence visa applications.


The Can+ system is in place to help applicants from certain countries to travel to Canada with less requirements and faster processing of applications.

  • The main eligibility condition is that the applicant had travelled to Canada during the past 10 years, or if the applicant holds a valid visitor visa to the United States of America.
  • No documents that prove financial ability are required for eligible applicants.
  • Eligible applicants will enjoy expedited processing of their applications.


  • Admissibility conditions will have to be met for all applicants, even if an applicant qualifies for CAN+
  • Applicants granted a visitor visa to Canada “TRV” will have to comply with the conditions of the TRV, where a visitor of Canada must travel to Canada for the purposes declared on their application forms. Moreover, all visitors of Canada, under the Can+, are expected to abide by the employment and education restrictions and are expected to leave Canada by the end of the period authorized for their stay.
  • The removal of the requirement to prove financial ability as a requirement to issue the visitor visa, does not mean that a foreign national, who is granted a visitor visa to Canada under the Can+, can seek social assistance in Canada.
  • Processing times of Can+ applications will continue to vary depending on the volume of applications processed at the relevant visa post.
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