Tighter Rules for Dominica's Citizenship By Investment applicants

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Roseau, Dominica
February 3, 2020

The world is tightening the clasps around citizenship by investment programmes. Some players have played ball, and some are still resisting. The Commonwealth of Dominica who has always been a supporter of tighter application screening has recently adopted a processing mechanism that is in line with that of many European countries who grant residencies to foreign nationals in exchange of investments.

Around July last year, European countries that offer citizenship by investment have passed new policies that would raise the bar for investors seeking access and residence in their domain.

Commonwealth of Dominica, six months down the road, is one of the first non-European Nations that has enforced the same processing ideology.

If you are a foreign national who was rejected a visit visa to Europe or the UK for example (Schengen or UK visa) and this refusal was not overturned (by submitting another application, addressing the previous refusal grounds, and then attaining the visit visa), you may not apply under the Commonwealth of Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme.

If you are of Iranian, Sudanese or North Korean nationality and you are residing in those jurisdictions, you would be deemed ineligible for this programme as well.


The Commonwealth of Dominica is trying to preserve the integrity of its programme for sustainability and to safeguard the visa waver agreements it has with many countries in Europe and the UK.


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