Canada relaxes its medical inadmissibility rules The government of Canada plans on making it easier for applicants to seek Permanent Status in the country even if they, or any of their accompanying family members, have medical complications. Th... Read More
Updated October 22, 2018 Residency Cards with Extended Viridities ... Beware! Portugal's SEF is now issuing residency cards for renewed ARI's with a validity of 2 years from the date of approval. This is contrary to the previous policy where... Read More
New Online Procedures The Portuguese SEF department has introduced an online procedure for booking appointments for initial ARI submission and renewals.ARI applications (new cases) Now, in order to start an application for the ARI, everythin... Read More
A larger than normal influx of PR card renewal applications is being processed by ACIC Inc. The majority of cases presented to us for assessment and counsel are cases that have failed to meet the residency obligation as described in section 28 of the... Read More
The Express Entry Pool Canada's Express Entry; the intake system continues to tick higher in term of the benchmark it is setting for the competitors in the pool. October 2018 at 442 CRS points. Age and Language ability continue to dominate th... Read More