ACIC - Spain Residency Practice

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

ACIC - Spain Residency Practice


ACIC Inc. is pleased to announce the incorporation of Spain’s residency programmes to its global areas of practice. After a careful consideration of Spain’s residency programmes and a close monitoring of the programmes’ performance over the past 2 years, a decision was made by the administration of ACIC to add Spain to its global areas of practice.

Stemming from its core values and principles, ACIC has screened a number of esteemed firms in Spain to assist with the formal representation of its clients. The array of principles of service excellence and tight professional attitude were introduced to the participant law firms. After a careful review of the aptitude of the participant firms, Carbray International was selected by ACIC for this vital part of the scope. Carbray International, being a firm of esteemed standing in the field of Spain Immigration, shares ACIC’s ideology of excellent service standards and profound professionalism. 

ACIC Inc. in collaboration with Carbray International, will offer investors and retirees a seamless service all the way through the application process. ACIC will offer the renewal of residencies service to its clients and new candidates.

More complex litigation affairs such as residency renewal problems or violations continue to be evaluated by the administration of ACIC for a consideration to incorporate this line into ACIC’s Spain line of practice or not.

Programmes currently offered by ACIC’s Spain unit:

  1. Residence Visa for Investors
  2. None-Lucrative Visa

Details of each programme can be found here:

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