Caribbean Passport Acquisition Schemes exposed!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

October 05, 2021


By Muhannad Samara, Immigration Consultan


Caribbean Passport Acquisition Schemes exposed!


An alarming practice trend has been observed over the past year, where practitioners of one or more, of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes have been promoting the acquisition of the citizenship and the passport at much lower rates than stipulated under the country’s citizenship laws.

Practitioners, out of the Middle East region, are promoting the scheme while justifying the contrast with a claim that they have special arrangements with the granting country, whereby they enjoy much lower rates than other practitioners. When an official at the relevant department of the country in question was contacted for a commentary, they declined to comment on the matter.

Participating in, or subscribing to such schemes, is absolutely forbidden under the law of the country. In fact, any bypass to the law and regulation of the country, where financial arrangements are devised and involved, would constitute grounds for revocation of the citizenship/residency status given. Moreover, participating in such schemes could bring forward legal challenges to the investor and his family members. It is a fact that any immigration, residency or citizenship status that is not attained pursuant to the unfettered application of the law is a status that can be quickly revoked. If such an act was sponsored by the granting government, this government sponsorship may be scraped off once the government changes or loses majority powers.

It is always advisable that investors seek the definitions of the law and that they stick to what the regulations ask in terms of programme requirements.

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