Immigration and Citizenship terrains are terraforming

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Monday, March 25, 2019


Key European players are in the Immigration / Citizenship game are yielding to national and international pressures to fine tune their immigration / citizenship programmes.

The matter of state sovereignty can no longer be used to leverage a single-minded ideology by one nation. The international current of criticism is simply to powerful to ignore.

Participating Countries are putting in place tighter screening policies, in a display of cooperation with international communities.

Greece is no longer the most affordable residence by real estate investment programme after it had increased the minimum investment for its Permanent Residence visa to Euro400,000.

Cyprus has imposed stricter security screenings and has increased the amount of funds an investor needs to inject into Cyprus in order to qualify for the citizenship.

Canada has slowly and steadily removed the grant of Permanent Residence status for Entrepreneurs before they actually come tog Canada, start their businesses and live prolonged periods of time in the country in order to qualify for Permanent Residence status.

The United Kingdom has suspended its Tier-1 Investor visa programme and has implemented very tight controls on the running Tier-1 Entrepreneur visa programme.

And the list goes on…

In short, immigration / citizenship and residency programmes are witnessing a monumental change in costs, conditions and processing times. Programmes are indeed there to stay, but conditions and costs can never be guaranteed.

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