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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Brexit Talks

The Irish border issue remains the biggest challenge in seeing the negotiations through. The EU is very nervous about the UK managing and collecting for them, the hard border remains an unacceptable alternative, and to some, a breach of the freedom the EU ideology stands for. October 2018 will prove critical for this matter and teh decisions made thereto.

The progress of talks between the European Union leaders and the government of the United Kingdom have progressed to agreeing on a transitional period before article 50 of the Lisbon treaty is invoked. What is evident though is that the United Kingdom will cease to be a member of the European Union. ACIC is currently accepting cases under the Tier-1 visa scheme but is warning applicants that any status gained in teh UK at this point of time, under teh current immigration rules, may quickly seize to give the merits it promises and the conditions / residence requirements that stand today may quickly change.

Impact on Immigration routes

ACIC Inc. is currently active on the Tier-1 Entrepreneur Business Visa for the 200,000 pounds investment option.

The Investor programme of the United Kingdom is exercised after an in depth due diligence is performed on interested applicants.
The UK Tier-1 Entrepreneur Business Visa is a temporary status that is granted to a foreign national on the promise that s/he will establish a business venture and employment opportunities. Once 3 years and 4 months have elapsed, and the business venture has been successfully implemented, the applicant may apply to extend his visa for an additional 2 years. On the elapse of year five and 4 months, the applicant, after meeting all conditions of the programme may apply for an indefinite leave to remain in the UK (Permanent Residence).

The indefinite leave to remain in the UK is a status that relieves the applicant from the conditions of the Tier-1 Visa. Once a minimum of 12 months have elapsed after the applicant has attained the indefinite leave to stay in the UK, the applicant may apply for British Citizenship (other conditions for citizenship apply).

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