The Healthcare in Canada is managed by the provinces and territories of Canada. It is a publicly funded system and has been described as an “interlocking set of ten provincial and three territorial health insurance plans”. The healthcare is known to most citizens and permanent residents as Medicare.

With a few exceptions, all Canadian citizens and permanent residents are entitled to health care. The individual must apply immediately for the health insurance card from the particular province or territory; once received it will grant him/her the right to use the services of doctors and hospitals when medically required. The standards of healthcare are established by the Federal Government and through the objectives of the Canada Health Act 1984. The option of private healthcare is also available for citizens and permanent residents.

In the past the healthcare system has come under attack from public groups and political parties with a demand for complete privatization of the system been called for by many groups. Although sometimes criticized, the healthcare system is a system which allows equality and the right to healthcare to flourish. With a low infant mortality rates and high life expectanices, it can be suggested that Canada does have one of the best health systems in the world.

Applying for Healthcare Insurance Card

Permanent residents should apply for their health insurance card immediately after settling in Canada. Citizens of Canada must also apply for the health insurance card for the particular province or territory that they are resident in.

  1. Get application form from doctor, hospital or pharmacy- applications are also available online.

  2. Provide ID (passport, birth certificate, permanent residency card).

  3. Submit complete application.

  4. Applicants will have to wait some time for their health card to be issued. The issuance time differs for each province or territory.

  5. While waiting for the health card to be issued, you may apply for private health insurance to ensure you are medically covered.

  6. Once the health card is issued, you will have access to doctors and hospitals services.

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