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ACIC Inc. is known for its superiority in providing Canadian immigration…

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With great emphasis on the enacted objectives of the Canadian Immigration…

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ACIC Inc. is a multinational firm providing Canadian and Global immigration services.

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ACIC is global leader in Immigration Law and Practice since 2002 With great emphasis on the enacted objectives of all immigration, residency and Citizenship programmes and statutes we work under, ACIC Inc. Operates in a way that is strictly professio... Read more

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ACIC - Spain Residency Practice

ACIC - Spain Residency Practice   ACIC Inc. is pleased to announce the incorporation of Spain’s residency programmes to its global areas of practice. After a careful consideration of Spain’s residency programmes and a close monitoring of the programmes’ performance over the past 2 years, a...

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Changes to Portugal's Residency Programme

Changes to Portugal's Residence by Investment program – Part 2

February 11, 2020 Lisboa, Portugal   On February 11, 2020, Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Tiago Antunes told Portugal’s TSF radio station that markets should be calm and that there is no need for the knee jerk reaction to the Feb 6, 2020 vote, were the pr...

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Tighter Rules for Dominica's Citizenship By Investment applicants

Roseau, Dominica February 3, 2020 The world is tightening the clasps around citizenship by investment programmes. Some players have played ball, and some are still resisting. The Commonwealth of Dominica who has always been a supporter of tighter application screening has recently adopted...

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Latest Blogs

Waiver of Language Requirement for Portuguese Naturalization Applicants


Lisbon, Portugal

By Muhannad Samara, RCIC
December 24, 2019

Around the 15th of December, 2019, the Portuguese Parliament discussed the prospect of removing the Language requirement as a pre-requisite to bestowing Portuguese Nationality on foreigners.

Abuse of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project – Canada

By Muhannad Samara, RCIC
For ACIC Inc.
Feb 1, 2019


Immigration and Citizenship terrains are terraforming


Key European players are in the Immigration / Citizenship game are yielding to national and international pressures to fine tune their immigration / citizenship programmes.

Moldova Citizenship by Investment The facts

February 28, 2019
By Muhannad Samara, For ACIC Inc.